CEEC Membership is open to companies interested in working on civil and criminal environmental enforcement issues. Membership dues are $11,500 per year. Each application is reviewed by the Board of Directors.

To submit an application:

If you should decide to join, an application should be made by letter to the CEEC contact at the address below. The letter should specify your company’s willingness to conduct business in accordance with CEEC’s bylaws. It also should identify the individual(s) within your company who will serve as the representative on CEEC’s Board, participate in CEEC’s activities and attend other functions as necessary.

Dues are annual.

Your application will be reviewed by CEEC’s Board of Directors. If accepted for membership, you will be invoiced for dues pro-rated for the months remaining in the fiscal year. Travel and other expenses related to participation in CEEC activities are the responsibility of each individual company.